Health Benefits of Walking for 30 minutes daily

Walking is fun and beneficial. An average person walks about 2000-3000 steps every day. However, when the walking is done as an exercise program and not as part of your daily chores, it becomes healthy both physically and mentally.

Benefits of walking

The toughest step of doing an exercise program is commitment.  Once you plan a program, prepare yourself to regulate it into a daily activity.
Benefits of walking for at least 30 minutes daily

1. Walking increases the intake of oxygen, strengthens your heart and improves blood circulation.
2. Walking slows the development of joint pains, arthritis, and increases the functioning of natural cartilage
3. It tones your muscles
4. It reduces stress, makes you look active and younger.

After Knee Injury / Treatment

If you are recovering from a recent injury, or if you have undergone any treatment of joints, you should consult your doctor before starting a walking program. If you had undergone knee surgery, walking is an excellent physical exercise activity for the middle stages of your recovery from surgery (strictly after 2 weeks).  If you have knee pain, walking helps build natural cartilage and help in ease of pain and stress. So what may the reason be, do not stop walking until your doctor advises you not to.

Walking safety tips

1. You should always wear a good pair of shoes (comfortable, airy, cushioned inside and stiff heel) for walking. Walking barefoot, or wearing slippers is not advisory. However, people with no ailments can walk barefoot also.
2. You should also remember to stay hydrated always.
3. Walking in unfamiliar areas may lead to tripping and falling. Be careful on the track.