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Dr. K. J. Reddy : Orthopaedic Doctor in Hyderabad

Dr. KJ Reddy Cheif Consultant Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon in Hyderabad. With an experience spanning over 30+ years in Orthopedic & Joint replacement surgery, he performed over 7000 joint replacement surgeries. Considered as one of the best orthopedic doctors in Hyderabad, A highly skilled and experienced orthopedic surgeon, Dr. KJ Reddy has worked in various capacities in various premier medical institutions in India & across the world.

Dr. Reddy Orthopedic Doctor in Hyderabad holds an international work experience of about 14 years in various hospitals in UK and worked in premier institutions as Consultant, heading Joint Replacement Unit, followed by 15 years at Apollo Hospitals Group, Hyderabad, and S.V.S. Medical College, Mahabub Nagar.He is known for his excellent quality of surgery and has got one of the best results in joint replacement surgeries. He has done live surgeries in many conferences and considered one of the best teachers​.

Are you searching for the experienced Orthopedic Doctor in Hyderabad, Orthopaedic Surgeon in Hyderabad to get proper treatment for musculoskeletal conditions? You must approach our experienced team. We are the dedicated team of orthopedic doctors in Hyderabad committed to helping our patients to perform their daily activities in a risk-free manner. Our orthopaedic doctor in Hyderabad treats different conditions involving the musculoskeletal system. Of course, we have extensive experience in this field and use both surgical and nonsurgical methods to treat different musculoskeletal conditions including tumours, trauma, degenerative diseases, sports injuries, infections, congenital disorders, etc. First of all, we use proven techniques to diagnose and treat different disorders. Our orthopaedic surgeons and doctors are familiar with the musculoskeletal system, as well as our professionals also specialize in specific including, knee, foot, hip, elbow, etc.


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Our clinic has an Orthopedic doctor in Hyderabad so that you will receive the best service forever. Our skilled Orthopaedic doctor has the ability to treat patients of all ages including baby bombers, newborns, children, athletes, elderly as well as we treat different conditions ranging from joint and common disorders, tears of the muscles, fracture, ligaments, diseases, etc. Our Orthopaedic surgeons and doctors also respect the value of diversity at the same time we also committed to serving individuals with unique needs and requirements. Even our orthopaedic surgeon also treats different musculoskeletal conditions without painful surgery. We use proven medications and some other alternative therapies to provide immediate relief from severe pain.

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